Important notice: BRADLEYS BOTH JOINS YORKSHIRE COLLABORATIVE ACADEMY TRUST On 1st April 2023 our school converted to become a member of YCAT. Read more

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Cultural Capital

Developing Children's Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital in our school is developed through the combination of knowledge, behaviours and skills being taught through enrichment experiences and opportunities.  Cultural Capital provides our children with an extended 'superpower' that they can develop further and use in becoming successful both now and in their future lives. Understanding is key to developing themselves within the world that they live and grow up in. 

Class Cultural Capital Overviews

The following plans identify the curriculum enhancements, opportunities and experiences that are planned for each class group. 

Ocean Class 1 Cultural Capital

Rainforest Class 2 Cultural Capital 

Polar Class 3 Cultural Capital

Climate Class 4 Cultural Capital 

Eco Class 5 Cultural Capital 

The children at Bradleys Both held a special celebration for the King Charles III's Coronation

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Diversity Overview Plan

for 2023-2024

See the attached plan for further whole school development and improvement for 2023-2024.

Diversity Overview Plan 2023-2024