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British Values - Life in Modern Britain


At Bradleys Both we promote and encourage everyone to follow the five aspects of British Values in how we work, play and live with each other.

We see these aspects as being exciting teaching and learning opportunities to develop within our school.


  • Children taught about and involved in democratic processes e.g. choosing class representatives for School Council, election of Head Boy and Girl, rewards and incentives
  • Democracy linked assemblies – encompassing current affairs
  • School Council
  • Links with local MPs and Councillors who visit school
  • We listen to views
  • We debate arguments for and against (S&L)
  • We express our views peacefully
  • We vote and then respect the result of the majority

Mutual Respect

  • We promote respect
  • SEAL taught across the school as part of PSHCE
  • Positive relationships encouraged and modelled by all (children and adults)
  • Curriculum focus – Wish Week
  • Anti-bullying reinforcement
  • Assembly focus
  • School Council
  • Parental engagement with home and school working together
  • Sportsmanship taught in PE and promoted through competitions and sporting events
  • Peer assessment and feedback in class
  • We respect each other’s cultures
  • Wider curriculum opportunities
  • Collaboration with other schools for events: shared sporting fixtures, music festivals, SSP

Rule of Law

  • Visits from local PCSO and police officers – finding out about their job and role / building a community
  • School positive behaviour policy – understood and followed with children knowing sanctions and rewards
  • Reflection time in class and assembly
  • We use our School Superpowers which are promoted positively around school
  • Pupil interviews and behaviour learning walks
  • Rules and expectations are clear
  • We know the difference between right and wrong
  • We know rules protect us
  • We respect rules
  • Children make right and wrong choices – consequences of wrong choices and actions
  • We provide opportunities to improve and correct wrong choices

Tolerance of Culture, Faith and Others

  • School curriculum
  • RE curriculum
  • PSHCE curriculum
  • Inclusion and involvement of all
  • Accessibility plan
  • Values and aims of our school
  • Understanding of other parts of the world
  • Support and work with charities e.g. Nepal school charity
  • Cultural themes to subjects and topics e.g. South America, Canada, Africa, Nepal
  • Celebrations of festivals – harvest, Diwali, Yom Kippur, Christingle, Easter
  • Singing songs from other cultures
  • Remembrance Day
  • Black History Month

Personal Responsibility and Liberty

  • Recognising Anti-bullying Week
  • Understanding responsibility for own behaviour in school
  • Engagement for learning – working with correct attitude and owning learning
  • Values assemblies
  • What went wrong discussions after behaviour incidents
  • Restorative justice language and approaches
  • We challenge stereotypes and bias