Important notice: BRADLEYS BOTH COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL IS NOW A MEMBER OF THE YORKSHIRE COLLABORATIVE ACADEMY TRUST On 1st April 2023 our school converted to become a member of YCAT. Read more

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Bradleys Both School Pledge

The Bradleys Both ‘Twenty-Three of 2023’ Pledge

The Staff and Governors at our school make the following pledge to every child who comes to Bradleys Both Primary School :

Every child who comes to Bradleys Both Community Primary School will be given the opportunity to …

1. Be a member of our whole school family

2. Learn to speak confidently and share own views

3. Learn how to support personal wellbeing

4. Be listened to and respected by others

5. Learn about another part of the world

6. Learn to play sport and compete as a member of a team

7. Learn to swim

8. Learn to play a musical instrument

9. Perform with others in a performance

10. Learn to speak another language

11. Learn about and support a charity

12.Use our outside learning environment and facilities

13. Learn and work outside of the classroom

14. Attend school visits and a residential

15. Work with children from other local schools

16. Learn how to ask for help

17. Learn how to stay safe

18. Have participated and completed a range of modules during Bradleys Both University

19. Lead others as a leader

20. Take on a whole school responsibility

21. Have an achievement formally recognised and celebrated

22. Receive memorable learning experiences

23. Learn how to look after my own wellbeing and mental health

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