Farnhill Class (Class Three)

Farnhill Class is a mixed age class of 29 pupils comprising of 19 year 3 children and 10 year 4 children.  The class teacher, Mrs Anna Maloney is assisted by Mrs Alison Dewhurst for three days a week and Mrs Vicky White for two days.


Spellings and times tables will be sent home on a Friday, to be tested the following Friday.

For Year 3 children one piece of either literacy or numeracy will be sent home on a Thursday to be returned the following Tuesday and for our Year 4 chidlren they will get homework on a Thursday to be handed in the following Monday and homework on a Monday to be handed in the following Wednesday..

Depending on your child’s reading group, they will be asked to read at least twice a week.

P.E will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

School Visits

Autumn Term - A visit from Portals to the Past - The Stone Age workshop -  £6.00 per child

Spring Term - The Yorkshire Museum - £17.00 per child

Summer Term - Hay Meadows Hebden - Free of charge 

Whole School Extra Curriculum Enhancements

Lempen Puppet Theatre

Science Day Workshop and Show

Pantomime - 'Jack and the Beanstalk' - Funded by school