Parent Questionnaire Feedback

Thank you to everyone who returned one of the annual child and parent questionnaires at the end of the Summer term.

I am delighted by the responses and comments we received. You will hopefully see how these have been used in focusing our future developments for the year ahead. It is good to see that the hard work that goes on at school has been recognised. We very much rely on this process as a way of evaluating the performance of our school for the last year and have identified strengths along with aspects that we will continue to work together to develop.

We feel that it is important that the responses are fed back to you as parents, to keep you informed.  The questionnaire is a real way for parents to be heard and I would like to ensure that this response rate is improved in the coming year. Your comments are very helpful in focusing our future school developments to make further improvements. I have compiled this summary of the responses we received. You will be able to see how your own views reflect with the majority of parents. I have reviewed all comments that were included and you will start to see how we will be addressing areas mentioned.