Our School Super Dog Holly

The children and staff are extremely proud of Holly, the Medical Alert Detection Dog who has become a real member of the Bradleys Both school family.  Holly accompanies her owner, Mrs Rogers, who works with the children part time as a Teaching Assistant at the school.  Holly has a super sense of smell. She is a diabetic alert dog and alerts Mrs Rogers when her blood sugars drop. Over the last eight years Holly has alerted over 8000 times and helped to keep her owner out of hospital.

Holly has become a favourite member of the school working with different groups of children who Mrs Rogers supports.  The children have learned so much about Holly’s role and how she helps to keep Mrs Rogers safe living with diabetes.  They have a comprehensive understanding of Holly’s role and Mrs Rogers’ condition, becoming great ambassadors of Medical Detection Dogs. The children recognise when Holly carries out her alerts and are often keen to congratulate her when she is correct. 

I love reading to Holly and helping to look after her in our class.

The school have raised money towards the naming of a new Medical Detection Dog puppy, who is called ‘Bradley’ and is currently being trained to help someone else with a medical condition.

Mrs Rogers and Holly have been running a ‘Dog Training’ activity module as part of the school’s Friday afternoon University activities.  During this time groups of children have learned about important training strategies and how to care for dogs.  By the end of this term nearly 50 children from the school will have completed the module and enjoyed fun activities around dogs.  As part of the module, Kate Griffin, a veterinary nurse from Vets for Pets has visited school to run a workshop on how vets look after pets.  The school are extremely grateful to Kate for finding the time to visit and work with the children. 

Holly brings a sense of calmness to classrooms and enjoys listening to the children read. She will often rest on her bed, until she has to spring into action when she detects a change of odour from Mrs Rogers’ blood sugars.  The children and staff have been overwhelmed at how clever Holly is and the important role she has in keeping her owner safe.  

Holly has an amazing sense of smell that helps her to look after Mrs Rogers when her blood sugars drop.